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The Hudson Valley

I was recently working on a shoot a few hours North of NYC in the Hudson Valley. The studio we were working at was located inside a 200 year old hickory wood barn. During my down time I was able to capture some beautiful Spring light. I used the Hasselblad SWC903 and Phase One P65+. I have come to love this compact combination even with it's tricky focus and quirks. I love that about cameras, mastering the idosyncrises of a mechanical marvel. A tool designed to excel, it just needs me to use it in harmony with my subject. 



NAHBS 2014 Charlotte, NC

It's been a few years since I've gone to a NAHBS  (North American Hand Made Bike Show) but I decided on a whim to head down to Charlotte, North Carolina this year and check it out. I brought with me a camera bag bursting at the seems with gear that I had never used before in a convention setting. I used a Hasselblad 500cm with a Phase One digital back. I had the idea to try and get macro shots of the beautiful hand built bicycles that are labored over and then shown off at NAHBS. I used an 80mm lens with a 56mm extension tube mostly. I needed the faster 2.8 Aperture of the 80 versus the 120mm macro lens. For lighting I used a small Flashmate LED light. I kept it on a camera strap around my neck so I could put the light exactly where I needed it while I triggered the camera while it was delicately balanced on a monopod. If I were to do one thing different it would be to bring a full tripod do get longer exposure capabilities. 


Fellow bike nerd John Watson over at his newly launched site ---->   The Radavist  <----- has been kind enough to put up a more comprehensive gallery of my shots. Click on the name of his sight and check it out, thanks John!





Hello Sea Monkeys (and Snorks)! I have finished the main edit of my over 7 thousand images I shot as the official photographer for JoCo Cruise Crazy 4! As I did last year I have created a catagory at the top right hand corner of my site. Pay what you want and I'll send you any amount of the hi-res images I have taken! This is how I support myself for working on the cruise. I really appreciate the support of this wonderful Sea Monkey community! If you haven't been on the JCCC cruises yet and are considering going check out the fun you could be having next year! 


Link to the JCCC4 page is ----> HERE!




My friend Blair is a wonderful human being. He is also an incredible artist. He currently has a show up until Feb. 28th at the Sacred Gallery in NYC of his Pyrography called "Build Tall and Save Our Land. It really is worthy of seeing. 424 Broadway 2nd floor inside of Sacred Tattoo.




Bubbles the Clown

I have been fortunate enough to shoot with my close friend Bella Vendetta for about a decade. We got together recently and made some magic with her persona Bubbles the Clown! Bella Vendetta is a world class Dominatrix, Pornstar, Model, and Sex Educator. It's people like her that inspire me to photograph every day. Someone who doesn't live inside the social norms and is willing to push the boundaries of what the majority find appropriate. Thank you for another amazing shoot Bella!