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Bremont Victory

The other night at Red Bar Crew I got a chance to spend some quality time with the Bremont Victory. This is a limited edition watch that has a piece of an actual British Navy ship, the Victory, in it. It has long been sold out and is on of the brands most unique limited editions. The North American brand managaer Mike Pearson is a regular at the #redbarcrew nyc meet up and this is his personal watch. I used a Leica M 240 with Canon 50mm f1.4 ltm lens with the Leica Macro Adapter M and Novoflex extension tubes. 



Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I collaborated with Analog Shift to create a Ghostbusters Lego and vintage watch photo shoot! I have been doing all of the editorial and studio work for since July. I combined my love of shooting minatures and products. In the past I've done some interesting stuff with make up and dinosaurs. This year is the 30th anniversarry of the first Ghostbusters movie and it still holds up frighteningly well today. This is one of my favorite photo shoots this year. Happy Halloween!



Arnold and Son

I am often surrounded with vintage watches. They have a certain something that really appeals to me. Most modern watches are not nearly as exciting. Then there's Arnold and Son. The sheer amount of detail that goes into producing one of their watches is remarkable. It's the aesthetics that really draw me in though. From the Tourbillon movements of some of their pieces to the giant oversized moon phase of others. They have captivated me since I learned of their existence. I am still new to the world of high end watches but as far as top brands, in my humble opinion, Arnold and Son is creating some of the best out there. 


As a member of the New York city based watch group the Red Bar Crew I was given access to almost their entire line of watches. A special event was thrown by Arnold and Son to show the members of our group what it has been producing lately. I brought my lighting set up and medium format digital camera in order to capture up close the things about Arnold and Son that I love.




The Omega Speedmaster Professional

Watches are quickly becoming my favorite things to shoot. The tiny mechanical intracacies are fascinating. What is even more exciting is the history behind the watches. Take this 1960's Omega Speedmaster. It has survived more than 50 years on the wrist, taking a daily beating. The detail of these worn time pieces is almost more beautiful than a new one. When you lay your hands on it you can feel the history of this particular piece. Where has it been? Who wore it? What has it seen? I love watches.


This Omega Speedmaster was part of the vintage collection at Analog Shift. Get other Speedmasters like it there.


See more of my ever growing watch protfolio HERE on my website. 



Watches Everywhere!

Lately I have been shooting a lot of watches with the New York City based Red Bar Crew. They have weekly meet ups to discuss collecting, what's new in the watch world, and to show off their favorite pieces. People show up with everything from plastic Swatches to the latest platinum Audemars Piguet. There are hard edges, soft lines, and supple leathers. Intricate machinery, true craftsmanship, and history! I truly enjoy shooting such remarkable machines.

Check out the Portfolio page for the latest horology.